i could make it all go away… (or did that need attitude?)




i ran up the stairs to my room, i couldn’t help it, the thought of what was to come frightened me into a the state of a small rabbit, helpless and withering.  i knew that i had only moments to prepare, mere seconds to summon the strength to meet these men in my most intimate of settings.  For the hundredth time that night, i prayed that this wasn’t what i thought it was.

i looked at my face in the dimmly lit vanity, my skin was so flushed.  It made my shy demeanor more inviting somehow…

“Okay, ana.  You can do this. ”  My own words echoed back in my head disparingly.  Was this what it took to be good again?  And what the fuck was ‘good’ supposed to be anyway?

Questions for another time, i thought.  Right now, it was time to finally do as i was told.

Their voices echoed as they slowly climed the stairs; a casual timbre that suggested a lunch meeting rather than the punishment of an underage.

i waited until they entered the room before i exited my own, looking both ways like a thief in the night rather than an occupant.  The door was cracked and i could see the flicker of candlelight painted on the carpet so i entered quietly.



There was no hesitance this time.

“Get on the bed.”  M’s voice was commanding, firm, and merciless.

“Yes, si-” Before i could finish the sentence, i was shoved unceremoniously onto the bed by an over-eager Mr. H****.

“Careful now, she is my doll, after all.”  His words, though seemingly kind, produced no warmth in my frightened soul.

“Ana, get on all fours now, i want to show H**** here what an obedient girl i have.” He laughed aloud as though the thought were an impossible one.

Slowly, mechanically, i made my way onto my hands and knees, eyes boring into His, begging… begging.

“Take a good look at her, H****, go ahead.  She’s quite the adventurous one, I’m sure she won’t mind.

i could feel the weight of him shift onto the bed as H**** eagerly made his way towards me.

“P-please…”  i was begging to M, mercy please, i give up.

H****’s hands made contact with my ass, making their way down between my legs, causing me to gasp and cry out.

“Ha!  She is an absolute toy, M!”  H**** cried, slapping my ass forcefully, body getting ever closer to mine.

“I’m sure you don’t mind,” he called boisterously to M, pulling my panties aside, hands in places that caused even M’s eyes to widen a fraction.  This man simply took what he wanted without asking.

“Now,” he called to M, cheeks flushed from drink and audacity, “This is where is gets fun.”

Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed the place between my legs, causing me to shudder uncontrollably and M’s face to turn dark.

“Mmm, didn’t like that one, did she?”  He called, laughing as he unbuckled his belt.  i gasped aloud as i heard the zipper and his pants fell to the bed.  “Let’s see what she thinks of this…”

Forcefully, he yanked my panties down and i could feel his sweaty, clammy skin make contact with mine.  i screamed in protest.

“Please, no!”


“Please, i’m begging Y-”


There was a moments hesitation before M finally spoke up.

“Let her go, H****.  I think she’s learned her lesson…now.

Immidiately, H**** removed himself from the bed, buckled his pants, and strode to the door, smoothing his hair as though this was the end of some sort of twisted business transaction.

“Let me know if I can be of anymore service, M.”  He called from the doorway, dark eyes meeting mine one last time.  A small, sly smile crossed his face as he left the room and let himself out of our disfuntional little household.

Still on all fours, i turned my gaze now to Daddy.  His stare was still furious.

“Now you know what I’m fucking  capable of, Ana.  You’ve just met H****, one of the more questionable friends of mine that wouldn’t mind keeping tabs on you also.”


“No.  Now I want you to bow to me and satisfy me this evening and I want you to do so gratefully, fully aware of the consequences of your actions and the power that I have over you.”





Sins of the Father (or the Wolf)



“N-no, Daddy, i…But You can’t do th- i mean, its just not…please?”

He just turned to leave my room.


“Also, I need you to braid your hair.  Thank you.”  He shut the door firmly behind Him, leaving me in a dark room with a head full of questions.

If this was happening, truly happening, i needed to prepare.

i took a deep breath, turned on the light, and began braiding my hair automatically.  What the hell was going on?  And who was this man, this H****; why did M invite him over now?

Well, whatever the reason, i told myself, i had no say in the matter (as usual).  It was my job to make Him happy and ‘follow orders’ (as He so brazenly put it).  Still, it was hard not to feel a streak of rebellion rise up in me and coil itself up like a rattler in my stomach, ready to sink it’s teeth into the first unwilling victim.  For the first time in a long time that evening, a smile cracked my face… this could be fun.  i shook myself once over and prayed to the goddess that i wouldn’t fuck this one up…

Hair in order and make-up touched up, i sprayed my fragrance of choice on and opened my door as quietly as i could, hoping i wouldn’t be caught just yet.

H**** was already at the table and he and M seemed to be engrossed in a rather boring conversation about business again.  It seemed unusual for a man so entrenched in a job like M’s  to be so distracted by the things they were speaking of.

i listened to their talk for a few minutes, trying to decipher this H****’s personality by the mannerisms he used with M.

Determined to make a good impression, i fixed on my coyest smile and made my way to the Great Room.

Immediately, H****’s eyes met mine from across the way.  From the moment i entered, body totally exposed  to this man’s lusts, he never took his eyes off me.  It was, altogether, combined with his clothing and his general way of being, a cause to be  shaken to my core.

This was a dangerous man.

“Ana, darling.  i was hoping you would be so kind as to join us in our conversations.”

“Of course, Master.  Anything you desire.”  i spoke directly into His eyes, a pleading look, begging for a mercy i didn’t deserve.

“Well darling,” It was H**** who answered, “I could use another Tom Collins.  You know how to make those?”

“Yes, sir.”  i hung my head, clearly M was not interested in hearing my plea.  Instead, i bowed myself out of the area and made my way to the bar to make (hastily and very messily) my second Tom Collins ever.

Carefully, i made my way to H**** and bowed as i handed him his drink.

“Thank you, dear.  You’re a most helpful little thing, you know that?”  H**** smiled faintly as he took the drink with one hand, caressing my ass with the other.

“Thing of beauty, isn’t she?” M stated almost proudly, “When she’s behaving, that is.”

“Can i get you anything else, sirs?” i ask nervously.

“Come here,” H**** smiles, my stomach turns at the look on his face, “I want to get a good look at you.”

Here it comes, i think.

He starts with my breasts.  Tenderly at first, fingers tracing their way slowly down my corset to my panties and between my legs.  His breath hitches in his throat.

“I see now, M.  I see the appeal.  And you really found one.”

i look over and make eye contact with M once again.  He looks triumphant.

“Ana, bend over dear.”  His voice is at once commanding and harsh.

“Y-yes, sir.”  i bend slowly, temptingly over H****’s lap and sigh something heavenly.  If M is going to make me to this, i will make Him regret it.  i will find a way.

H****’s hands are warm and timid, as though he’d never done this before.  Well neither had i.  It was a first for both of us.

His hands made contact with my ass and i moaned quietly, causing M’s eyes to widen, a betrayal of His emotions.  It was working.

Or so i thought.

It seemed that M was willing to play my little game.

“Spank her.”  His eyes were boring into mine, “She deserves it.”

Faster than i could rise from my precarious position, H****’s hand came down hard on my exposed ass, causing me to cry out sharply.

“Haha, she really is the real deal then?”  H****’s boisterous voice rang out through the room, shaking the walls with my humility.

“Yes, she is, I’m afraid.  The ‘real deal’ is much more difficult to handle than you would imagine,” once again, His eyes were looking at me.

This was personal.

So i did what i do best… i complicated things.

“Spank me again, sir.” i breathed quietly, just loud enough for M to hear and gasp.


“As you wish, you little thing,” H**** smiled lustily, ‘God knows you probably deserve it.’


“Oh!  Again!” i cried.

“Gladly darling.  May I, M?”



He didn’t wait for an answer, simply took what he wanted.  He was too greedy, it was going to infuriate Daddy, i knew it.

“Mmm, thank you, sir.” i breathed.  Slowly, i lifted myself off of his lap, smiling into his eyes the whole time.  M was furious and i knew it.  He wasn’t expecting this.

“Come here, ana.”

His voice was as stiff as his demeanor.

“Come here, ana.”

i waltzed slowly over to him, dancing to a tune i’d made up in my head.

“Yes, father?”

“Get to the red room… now.  H**** and I will be in momentarily and I want you ready and waiting, my dear.”

It was so much to process… it was too much to ponder…


so i just did as i was told.



Don’t pray to me, i have no sacrifice for you (you’re so naive)



The next morning there was a note under my door.

Quite simply, it read:

“Dinner.  Tonight at seven.

Meet me in the foyer.

This is not a request.”

Damn.  He didn’t even sign it…  what did this mean for us?

* * *

i spent the day in my bedroom.  (The door stayed firmly locked despite the coming and going of mealtimes.)  Mostly, i cleaned.  i straightened and re-straightened my whole closet and all my ‘precious’ things (read: make-up, jewelry, perfumes, etc.).  It was hard not to remember that it was His kindness that had bought me those things in spite of what i was doing.

Eventually, as my playlist wound down, i realized that it was time to get ready and showered.  i walked into the bathroom and (FINALLY) happened to notice that the other bathroom door (leading to the hallway) was unlocked.

Slowly, i turned the shower on and carefully opened the bathroom door, towel wrapped around my waist.

“…yes, followed.  L.T., we need this, dammit!  If this goes wrong, she could-”

Clearly, this was something i was not supposed to hear.

“…Eight tonight, I expect it should be- yes – I suppose so… Tell him to expect her.”


i decided to pretend that i hadn’t heard His conversation and shut the door quietly, locking it in the process.

* * *

Showered and dressed elegantly in wine-colored lace,  the door finally unlocked and i was ushered out of the room (rather surprisingly) by a most embarrassed Mr. L.T.  Apparently, that conversation had been an invitation as well.

“Downstairs now,” he ushered me.

i made my way clumsily down the stairs, hoping i wouldn’t fall, and found M waiting for me at the end of the banister.

“Are you ready now, dear?”  His voice was unusually formal.

“i suppose so,”  i breathed, sounding more confident than i felt.

* * *

The ride to the restaurant was silent until we got there, made worse by the fact that i sat in the back of the car rather than the passenger seat.

It was the same fucking restaurant we met Mistress in!   It was unreal and scary and exciting bundled into one uncomfortable, giant butterfly, trying to eat it’s way out of my stomach.

M checked in with the hostess and we were quickly ushered away to a private table in the back of the restaurant.

Sitting at our table with his back to the wall was a man in a suit that i had never met before.  He had hungry eyes.  i might never forget that.

Swiftly, he rose, pulling the chair out for me; an invitation to enter into the candid world of men.

“H****, its so nice to see you.”  M was a perfect gentleman, perhaps made even more so by the fact that He presented me so formally.  “This is the little ana you’ve heard so much about.  Bow, dear.”

i did as told.

“Now have a seat, sweetest.  And we can get started.”


Dinner was a long one.  M mostly talked of business, the stock market and buying and trading things i didn’t understand.

Dessert was my favorite course, though.  (i know that Tiramisu is kind of a cheat sweet for most restaurants, but this one was impeccable.)

Eventually, (when i realized that it had been some hours later,) my attention turned not to the food, but to the conversation.

“6*** Melbourne Drive^. Just follow me and we can talk over drinks.  I’m sure ana would love to show you our home.”

M smiled artificially at me, tension burning in His eyes.

“Of course, Daddy.  i would love to.”  What was M giving our address to this man for?  i wanted to go home and contemplate tricking M into punishing me and just getting my punishment over with and now the ‘dinner’ was stretching on into the night?

What was i going to do?

* * *

We made it home with precision haste.

M ushered me into the door and quickly swept me up the stairs.

“your job is to change now, dear.”  His commanding voice snapped my sleepy self into attention.  “Put on the rose ‘outfit’ that i bought you.  i want you downstairs and ready to serve in five minutes.”


‘Ready to serve’?  In that?  The ‘outfit’ that M was referring to was hardly an ‘outfit’ at all.  It was a small black lace see-through skirt stitched with pink roses with a matching French lace thong and bra; all delicate as the new rose itself, only worn to satisfy M’s twisted cravings.

God, what was going to happen to me tonight?





^ No, Melbourne Drive is not my street

Her Hideous Heart (or the glass ghost)




My poor, treacherous heart flickered in and out of existence as i shook under the covers praying that Daddy would buy it; any fraction of it.   That i was actually, maybe asleep and maybe, just maybe, we hadn’t made eye contact at that party.  (That party was amazing until He ruined it… was it always going to be like that?)

Shit.  i was a dead girl.

i’d gotten home maybe three minutes or so before i’d heard His engine roaring into the circular driveway and the motor of his car die before the car door slammed shut.

He burst through the entryway furiously, whirling around the house with a ferocity that surprised me. i thought for sure He would make His way to my bedroom immediately.

Eventually, there was quiet.  It was as though He had found what He had been looking for… for the moment at least.

i shut my eyes and prayed for mercy from a god i didn’t believe in.

But my luck didn’t last that long.  i heard Him climb the stairs slowly.

The door to my room slowly unlocked (oh, i forgot to tell you He locks me in for the night?) and He opened the door to peer in on me.

My heart stopped beating completely.  i thought surely i would perish; it was the tell-tale heart all over again, and i was the eye! the terrible eye!

He stood there for an eternity with the book in His hand; my favorite one;

“‘No doubt I now grew very pale…Yet the sound increased –and what could I do? It was a low, dull, quick sound –much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. I gasped for breath…I talked more quickly… in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased. Why would He not be gone? I paced the floor to and fro with heavy strides, as if excited to fury by the observations of the men –but the noise steadily increased. Oh God! what could I do? I foamed –I raved –I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards, but the noise arose over all and continually increased. It grew louder –louder –louder!'” He read to me in my horror.  It was the tell-tale heart; not a favorite, but one i knew well.

He was torturing me, it was insanity at it’s finest.  What the Hell was He going to do to me?!

He finished the passage in His beautiful, passionate, voice:

“Villains!” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed! –tear up the planks! here, here! –It is the beating of her hideous heart!”


His voice quieted in the night air and yet, i pretended to be asleep.

“You see, my sweet, “He breathed, “i knew where you were.  And i know where you are.  You are trapped here in my tower with no way out.  B is a distraction.  Parties are a distraction.  Every color in your little rainbow is a distraction.  And i am here to make sure that you remain mine no matter your little ‘distractions’.

So sneak out.  I WILL find you.  Kiss someone, I will know.  Make one move… dearest, its my job to find you out and punish your beautiful soul for your transgressions.

Summer will come and go… so will she.  But you will always be mine.


And I will be your Keeper.”


He tore the gold-leafed page from it’s fellows and let it fall to the floor.

He slammed the door shut behind Him and i burst into tears, crying uselessly against my pillows.

Party crashers in dangerous places (or running with the wolves)



We rode with the windows down the whole way to R’s house, music blaring.  i couldn’t have felt more free, my bare skin had chills the whole way down (my overly-skimpy outfit showing off all the things i was proud of).

R’s house was huge, much bigger than i expected and as we got out, the pulsing possibilities of the night overcame me; i felt at one with those deadly sins we so fear.

The music was blaring from the street when we showed up and we quickly made ourselves at home, unidentified pink drinks in hand.

“Don’t leave me tonight, baby.”  i whispered with a smile to her, “You know i’m much too shy to stay alive amongst the predators in this room.”

She smiled the grandest smile of the evening so far, i swear she could light up a dungeon.

“Of course daaaahling, i could never do such a thing.” The memory of the last time that particular word was uttered to me like that to me dashed through my mind unwittingly, causing me to shudder involuntarily.  It was just so bittersweet now… but fuck it, this was our night.

Quickly, we made our way into the thick of things; dancing like our very souls were up for grabs, holding hands the whole time.  Circles of hungry teenage wolves surrounding our young sweating bodies.

Faster, drink after drink, we got closer to one another, dancing, touching, and trying to make our bodies meld into one.

Eleven, twelve, one, what did we care?  It was just us against the world and we were unstoppable.  Pushed farther and farther by drink, we became bolder and our lips met on the makeshift dance floor, it was like being alive again.  We pushed each other forwards…


The front door slammed open and shut and the music was instantly halted.

“Ana!”  Mr. L.T. called from the front entrance of the house, causing me to shrink one or two sizes into the corner.  Is ana ——– here?!  Her father is furious!”

A few faces looked into mine.

Immediately, Mr.L.T.’s voice was drowned out by the music again as everyone began to pick up where they left off.

Quickly as i could, i rushed off upstairs to the master bathroom, hoping to god no one was already in there and losing B in the process.  Safe in a towel closet, i turned off the lights and hoped for the best.  i mean, its not like L.T. could search the entire house, right?

But my fears were quickly overwhelmed by the shouts of a different man, a dangerous man… shouts all too familiar to my ears.

A man with a vengeance.

Daddy followed L.T. tonight.

Shit was about to go down.

Quickly as i could, i climbed out of the closet, lights still off, and i opened the bathroom door into the bedroom hoping i could find a window to climb out of.

As the goddess of luck would have it, i did find a window to climb out of.

Slowly, almost drunkenly, i make my way down the window and out into the backyard.

Stealth-like, i ran from shadow to shadow, thinking i was safe until i tripped over what i thought was a tree root but was dragged into the shadows by a foreign grip on my body.

Seriously, ana!”  His voice was at once familiar and odd in the current setting… but it only took me a moment, “Mr. L.T.?!”  Shit. i was in it.

You stupid, ignorant girl.  Didn’t you know He’d be watching you?!”  He practically screeched it at me, “You have no place here.  We need to get you home.  Fast.”

“Why?”  i was being dragged backwards unceremoniously and it was all i could do to kick my feet into the upright position for him.

“Because, you idiot, apparently we were both following you tonight, and he’s been crossed for the last time and I don’t know what he’s willing to do to ‘make this right’, so to speak.

“Anyway, we have to get you home.”

“So you’re worried about me?” i asked as we made a most unceremonious leap across some innocent hydrangeas.

“Are you joking?!” He stopped dead.  “You haven’t seen your father in a true rage in some time.  I’m trying to keep it that way.”

i suddenly realized that he was right.  It had been some time since i’d seen Daddy at His worst and it wasn’t something i ever wanted to experience again (anytime soon at least).

My legs picked up the pace as we walked to the driveway where Mr. L.T. was parked.  My phone suddenly buzzed.

“You should ignore that for now,” Mr.L.T. cautioned.

But i couldn’t help myself.  i pulled it out of my bra and checked the text.

It was B.  Telling me that she got out safe and that she hoped that i was okay.  i quickly texted back and put the cell phone away as we got the the car.

“How are we going to be home before Dad?”  The obvious question came to mind.

“Trust me,” Was all the information he would give me.

We sped down the highway with only one goal in mind;

make it home first.



Anger comes in flashes, wanting comes in waves



We were tangled in each others arm’s, innocent as angels, when He walked in.

My reality and the game i was playing with B suddenly clashed in an ugly maelstrom.

“Wake up, ladies.”

His voice rang out from the doorway; too formal for the situation yet somehow fitting.

Beth and i opened our eyes to a most disturbed man. Hair rumpled and glasses askew, You asked me how my night was.

How the fuck am i supposed to answer that?

“It was wonderful,” i yawn, hoping to calm B down and taunt You at once.

It’s not like i could help my little ol’ self 😉

You practically growl at me.

“Get dressed and see your little friend out… please.”  i was smart enough to know that the last part was for show and hurried B out of my room and down the stairs, combat boots in hand.

Love ya.” i whispered as i saw her out the door.  As soon as it clicked shut behind me i knew i was in for it; Daddy was down the stairs fast as a phantom and by my side the moment i turned.

“What. The. FUCK, Ana?!”  i shrunk at the sound of my name, “You could’ve lost us everything with your little stunt!”

“i don’t know what You mean, Daddy.”  My voice was bolder than i felt, “i was just having a sleepover.”

“This charade has got to stop NOW, Ana.”  His face was furious in the morning light as He pushed me forcibly against the foyer wall, “I don’t know what game you think you’re playing, but you could ruin us in one immature, uneducated move.  You have no idea what you’re doing with this girl and she has no idea what the fuck she is getting herself into.”

i was temporarily at a loss for words (mostly because He was pressing on my airway) so i adjusted and tried to spit something logical out in a desperate attempt to save my skin.

“Sorry.” i mumbled.  It was all i could come up with.  “i can’t seem to help myself,” i sighed, still too afraid too look into His eyes.

Rougher than intended, He grabbed my face and pointed it towards His so we were making eye contact finally.

“That girl has no power over you, do you understand me? That alone lies with me.  You are mine!” He shouted the last word in frustration as He pushed off of me and turned His back, beginning to pace.

“i can have friends, Daddy!”  i squeaked, “You just don-”

“Friends?!  This girl is no friend, she’s a menace and you are forbidden to see each other.”

“You can’t-!”

“I did.  Go to your room, ana.  This discussion is over.”

He was furious with me (yet again) and i was just as angry as He was.

i stormed the stairs furiously to my room, all the while trying desperately to hold my tongue.

How dare he!  Who did He think He was?  i’m allowed to have friends!!!  People my age go out and do things!  (Then again, most people my age weren’t in my situation…)

i spent the whole day indoors doing chores while M worked in the home office.  Eventually, He came out to eat something and we made a shaky sort of peace with one another.

By evening, we were talking again and dinner almost felt normal.

It was only after i’d showered and changed for bed did i get on the computer to check my messages.


B is coming over in half an hour (with or without my permission) and apparently, she found us a pretty solid party.

Just as Daddy and i were getting along again.


Oh well… ^_^







We’re too young to give each other up, we’ve known each other too long.  And i know you feel the same way.  We’re like sisters.

Sisters bonded by sin and secrets where our idiosyncratic blood would be.

Freckled by the sun and the water, we sit on the swings, holding hands.  Nothing could feel sweeter than this moment.



“Why don’t you ever have any boyfriends?  Don’t you want to know what its like?”

“To what?  Suck some immature idiot’s dick?  Guys our age suck.”

“You always say that.  Just find someone in college.  You could just not tell your dad, you know.”

“Why do i have to find a boyfriend?  You’re enough for me.”  A playful smile breaks across my face.

“Ugh, shut up!  Really, though.  Have you ever actually had one in your mouth? ”

Shit… how to answer that one…

“What, a dick?”

“It’s really weird.  Like, what are you supposed to do with it once its in there?  Its so big and like, hairy and stuff.”

i breathe a huge sigh of relief, i can gladly keep my mouth shut about that particular topic.  She wanted to confess, not really push me about it.

“Who?!”  i squeal with delight, thankful for the distraction.  “You dirty whore!”

“Remember F?  The dude with the short blonde hair?  The one we met last month up in A—– when you snuck out and told your dad you were with S?”


The conversation went on comfortably for some time.  She, admitting half-shameful secrets into the rapidly approaching twilight by the lake and i, listening happily, ready to offer my untested, immature advice.

Eventually, (realizing we would both get caught) we made our way to our separate houses, thoughts still on the swing set and our long kiss goodnight.

*     *     *     *

Dressed in a towel, fresh from the steamy bathroom and thinking about a night at Daddy’s side downstairs, i hear an overly loud rap on my window.

Swiftly, letting the towel fall to the floor in my haste, i open the window and B is standing there sweetly, a little girl in huge combat boots.

“Hurry up!” i whisper into the darkness and extend a rope contraption of my own making down from my window and onto the darkened lawn where she waits hopefully.

Faster than i can fathom, she is up the rope and in my dark room with one very naked, slightly wet, me.

We were troublemakers at heart, after all.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”  My heart swells at the sight of her and her pixie haircut, sitting strewn on my floor.  i guess i’m happy she’s here.

“I saw F again! He called me and he was outside and he and i…”  She hesitated like a clumsy schoolgirl here, “well, he went down on me!”

She proclaimed it like she was trumpeting in scores of victorious angels from the heavens.  She finally had a man eat her out.  i was proud and shy all at once.  Should i feel shame because i had already felt Master’s experienced hands running up  and down my body, his tongue licking flames of desire inside me whereas she had felt only the inexperienced lapping of a boy?  i let it go.

“No!  What the hell, B?!  You’re a professional whore now!”  i let out a laugh as she collapsed on top of me in fits of giggles.

“I know, I know!!!  I don’t know what I was thinking!!!!  It was so sudden!”  Confessions pouring out of her, all smiles and floaty laughter.

“Well, are you guys a thing now? Is it like, official?”  i shake her shoulders playfully, “Did i lose you to some… man?!

“Ana!!!!”  A male voice beckons from downstairs.  Shit.  i am out of time.  “Wherever are you, darling?”

“Hurry!” i scramble up off the floor and out from under her and race to my oversize closet.  “Hide in here.  i have to talk to daddy- uh, dad, and i’ll be back in a bit.  Make yourself at home and pleeeeease lock the door behind you.  i’ll whisper our safeword when you can unlock the door.”

Things just got complicated.

i can’t let B know about me and Daddy, but i can’t let Daddy down.  So i dress quickly in a nondescript nightgown and braid my wet hair as fast as i can.


Quietly as i can, i lock my bedroom door and race downstairs, ready to greet Daddy and hopefully live through the night.


i manage to finish dinner quickly enough and play innocent throughout the meal enough so that Daddy manages to let me upstairs after only about an hour and a half (He has calls to make tonight, thankfully enough.  His job calls for a lot of after-hours work.)  i thank the gods that be that He will be busy tonight.

It is almost eleven o’clock by the time i get back upstairs and whisper ‘pineapple ambrosia’ into the door.

i am greeted by an overzealous B, happy to see me and grateful for the dinner scraps i brought her.

i quickly lock the door behind me and our night together can officially begin.

With all of the lights off, we whisper secrets into the night.  Talking and laughing and confessing.  Swearing and drinking gin (yes, i stole it from the cabinet) and doing things in secret that only girls know.

At the end of the night, sometime past four, we finally crawl, exhausted, into my bed together and wrap up in each other’s arms; falling asleep dreaming of our next misadventure.


There was just one little problem.


Sometime during the night, i forgot to lock the door…